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Tenant Billing

A service which helps landlords and property agents manage tenant billing of electricity, gas & water supplies, as well as a cost recovery service. 

The Tenant Billing service assists organisations to apportion costs to tenants, internal departments, or business cost centres. The service is fully integrated with our bureau service and invoices are created using supplier invoices, manual reads, or AMR/HH data. In addition, data from sub meters can be utilised where installed.

The Tenant Billing report can interface with your accounts system to ensure that any bills produced are reflected in the accounts system, without having to be manually entered. This remains in line with the major benefit of the module, as a significant administrative saving on a regular monthly task, allowing your organisation to focus on more high value activities.

STC provide a tenant billing service for some of the most complex estates in the UK, such as Gatwick Airport.

STC can undertake the following services: 

  • Set-up tenanted space in each of the properties concerned
  • Set-up the tenant's account and tenancy agreement
  • Set-up the tenants supply contracts with rates agreed by the customer
  • Set-up metering or assessed method of billing the tenant
  • Generate tenant invoices or proforma invoices to allow the customer’s accounts department to generate tenant's invoices
  • Review tenant charges in accordance with their lease/rental agreements




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“Gatwick Airport has a large internal sub-metering portfolio with many types of energy meters. We started working with STC Energy in late 2013 with the objective of having one company able to reliably collect, manage and publish our metering data. The partnership with STC Energy has proved a successful one, we have web access to data reports for all our HH meters and many hundreds of manually read meters.”Gatwick Airport