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Supply Alterations

An inherent problem associated with supply alterations has always been the complex co-ordination of schedules, working parties and administration.

STC can eliminate the possibility of problems by operating in a controlled and fully managed environment.

We take a strategic approach to consultancy by examining market constraints, equipment, time frames and supplier preferences.

STC can effectively manage infrastructure, supply requirements, metering, administration and the constant monitoring of the site until it is fully commissioned.

The benefits of our supply alteration service are:

  • Initial consultations are client driven
  • STC use a cost effective and coordinated approach
  • We offer a full choice of utility services for electricity, water and gas supplies
  • Our clients receive assistance with administration for all relevant paperwork
  • We offer one point of contact
  • We work with all suppliers and meter operators
  • Service Level Agreements are created and work is monitored daily
  • Using STC simplifies the process of project management
  • STC staff are highly skilled
  • STC are ISO 9001 accredited