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STC offer a managed procurement service for both traditional fixed term and flexible contracts, for electricity and gas supplies, for all sectors of Industrial & Commercial energy users.

Our management team retains expertise that dates back prior to the deregulation of the Megawatt market in 1990, and we have since operated successfully in the deregulated 100 kW, gas and sub 100 kW markets.

STC will work with you to identify the most appropriate procurement method in accordance with your energy portfolio and risk management criteria.

Our current clients include Retail Chains, Banks, FM Providers, Councils, Development Companies, Insurance Groups and Government Offices.

We are able to advise our clients on market timing, energy trends and industry developments, enabling the appropriate contract to be chosen at the right time.

STC’s powerful contract evaluation software is used to quickly and accurately evaluate supplier’s contract offers regardless of their complexity, ensuring that you have a complete and like for like evaluation of offers.

Being independent from all utility suppliers allows STC to set bespoke strategies and be unbiased on all utility procurement matters including:

  • Procurement strategies
  • Flexible procurement
  • Risk management
  • Traditional negotiations
  • Market guidance and market testing
  • OJEU Public Tenders (pre qualifying and contract bidding)
  • Online procurement
  • Co-terminous and common end date contracts
  • Energy only contracts
  • Green, Brown, CHP and Large Scale Hydro Energy options
  • Green/Renewable options
  • Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Levy Exemption Certificates

STC will tailor the service to your requirements and can include benchmarking, portfolio analysis and contract evaluation. STC will also ensure that all sites are correctly registered and billed as part of the service.

“They are good at buying energy at the right time.”Hanover Housing