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Keep an eye on the invoices - EIBI Magazine

Oct 30, 2015

Keep an eye on the invoices - EIBI Magazine

Alan Little discusses with EIBI magazine the benefits of fully validating utility bills and streamlining invoice processing.

As well as introducing energy-saving products and behavioural controls, savings can also be made by fully validating utility invoices.

Traditionally, the processing of utility invoices has been a manual process, where paper invoices are entered onto a spreadsheet or energy management software system before being passed to the accounts payable department. Changing to electronic billing and using a system that can import and validate these invoice files provides a much more efficient way of processing utility invoices. 

Read the full article and how invoice validation could help you make savings on energy expenditure, published in the October edition of EIBI magazine, here

You can also read the online version, on EnergyZine, here