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Energy Management & Compliance

STC offer a range of services designed to allow organisations to manage and reduce their energy consumption.

These include both:

  • Software solutions

    including sophisticated M&T systems using profile data to automatically detect unusually high consumption and email the relevant person

  • Physical solutions

    including site energy audits and investigation of specific energy issues

STC have strong experience in providing guidance and compliance services to assist organisations in complying with energy legislation.

STC have provided a full compliance service, which has allowed a large number of organisations to comply with CRC in recent years. All STC clients that have gone on to be externally audited by EA have passed with flying colours.

STC have qualified ESOS Lead Assessors and offer a complete ESOS compliance service to allow organisations to comply with ESOS before the Phase 2 deadline of 5 December 2019.



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“We first started using STC’s bureau service in 2013 and found that it took a huge amount of administration away from our accounts payable team. Since then we have used STC to procure both gas and electricity, receiving a fantastic service and savings in the process, and are our ESOS lead assessors. I find them to be both helpful and pragmatic and are a huge asset to our business.”Gourmet Burger Kitchen
"The STC Energy Bureau Service provides a greater level of data checking, accuracy verification and query management than the former provider, which will improve overall energy data management and supporting CRC reporting processes.”London Borough of Hounslow