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Profile Data Services

STC provide half-hourly and AMR profile data management for electricity, gas and water meters and loggers. A dedicated team of experts collects, validates and makes data available for reporting and analysis, usually on a day plus one basis, where possible.

Profile data can be used to examine consumption closely to identify exceptions, general wastage, and other opportunities for energy management, as well as for invoice reconciliation and tenant billing.

STC provide a suite of tools and reports to help clients maximise the benefits of profile data. Our sophisticated, yet intuitive, Profile Analyser software can display data at a range of intervals for periods from a single day to several years, allowing detailed investigation of consumption trends across large volumes of data.

Profile reports can be generated via our online portal or delivered by scheduled email. This option is particularly useful where regular monitoring of supplies is required.

STC’s profile data team proactively manage data. Quality checks identify missing, estimated or otherwise irregular data, and in these cases, the team investigate directly with suppliers and data collectors.

In addition to profile consumption data, STC can manage AMR register readings from sub-meters. Furthermore, the independent nature of our systems means that data from different providers can be amalgamated and that, no matter how many times a client changes supplier, consistent records are maintained.