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Meter Reading Services

STC offer an advanced meter reading service to enable clients without AMR or half-hourly data flows to capture and utilise actual meter readings.

This service allows end users to submit their own meter readings to us through our easy to use online portal. We can then validate and submit these readings in bulk to the appropriate suppliers to improve the accuracy of billing.

Users can log on to the portal and submit readings at any interval, including daily and weekly if desired. Alternatively, by maintaining a list of site level contacts, we can email regular reminders to sites to take meter readings. These emails can be fully customised and contain a link that automatically loads a web page showing only the meters at that site that require manual readings.

The meter readings form is colour coded by utility, and shows meter serial numbers, metered units and previously recorded readings. By displaying this information, and by validating readings at the point of entry, we obtain a high degree of accuracy. The system can also help with the early identification of issues, such as water leaks, and warnings are generated when such a problem is suspected.

STC are experienced in submitting bulk readings to all major suppliers and are familiar with their billing systems and practices. We will submit readings at the correct point in the billing cycle, and in the correct format, to ensure maximum accuracy and to minimise estimated billing.