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Data Management

STC provide comprehensive utility data management for all bureau clients. Using thorough setup procedures, we establish a database of portfolio information to fully reflect each client’s estate.

Some of the data we collect and maintain includes:

  • Property details, including full postal address, floor areas, occupancy and hours of operation
  • Meter details, including MPANs/MPRs/MSNs, supply capacities, annual quantities, and CCL/VAT statuses
  • Supply contract details, including structures, unit rates, fixed charges, and passthrough charges
  • Utility account numbers, cost codes, departmental apportionments, and reporting groups

In addition, STC obtain historical invoice and consumption data to ensure that, even at the outset of the service, information exists to enable better energy management.

STC hold utility data in our proprietary Energy Navigator software that has been specifically developed to cater for large, multi-site portfolios. Its design can support complex property, meter and billing arrangements. Where there are changes to an estate over time, including meter replacements and alterations, changes of supplier, and portfolio updates, these are recorded and a full history of activity is maintained.

To ensure that an accurate picture of a client’s utility data is recorded at all times, STC make regular quality checks across the database. These identify potential missing or erroneous data, including accounts not billed to date, and help ensure that the data we store is of the highest quality.

All data held by STC remains the property of the client at all times, and information is secured under the requirements of ISO 27001.