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Cost Recovery

STC recover millions of pounds a year for clients in billing errors.

Where validation reveals problems with an invoice, we raise a query directly with the supplier. As our Account Managers work closely with suppliers on a daily basis, they know the right person to approach to ensure that invoices are corrected swiftly and efficiently.

STC have a good reputation amongst all suppliers and we can leverage this to obtain the best possible service for our clients. We maintain strong relationships with high-level personnel in all major suppliers and many operate teams dedicated to resolving issues identified by STC.

All billing query information is stored in our database and made available via our online portal for interrogation. This includes:

  • Summaries of savings achieved
  • Anticipated savings
  • Filterable lists of outstanding and resolved queries
  • Detailed records of each query with full progress histories

We operate the only supplier integrated query system currently available to streamline the recovery process. Suppliers have direct access to queries that we raise, so they are never waiting for updates and can resolve issues swiftly.

STC aim to resolve all queries within one billing cycle to minimise the impact of errors. Our quality controlled procedures, combined with our expertise, unique query system and supplier contacts, enables us to do this and recover significant costs for all our clients.