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Bill Validation

STC have developed some of the most advanced software available for energy management and utility bill validation. We perform over 75 individual checks on every invoice processed.

We recalculate suppliers’ invoices from first principals, using the agreed contract or tariff information, and compare them to the billed charges. Where bills contain errors, they are queried and refunds are sought. We continuously monitor to ensure that bills are corrected and credits are applied.

STC’s software applies the same stringent level of validation to all utility invoices, including water and delivered fuels. It is able to analyse all types of contracts, including flexible and energy only arrangements. Furthermore, our systems can process paper bills and electronic files together, in a variety of formats.

Some of the invoice elements that we validate are:

  • Location is active and account is open
  • MPAN/MPR/MSN details are correct
  • Meter configuration is correct and meter readings follow on
  • Dates are valid and invoice does not overlap or duplicate another
  • Unit rates and standing charges are correct and match agreed contract or tariff rates
  • All third party network charges, including DUOS, TUOS and capacity charges, are correctly applied
  • All government passthrough charges, including CCL, FiT and RO, are correctly applied
  • Financial and consumption calculations are accurate
  • Consumption matches previous average based on actual readings

Our validation process is defined by strict quality controlled procedures to ensure that all billing errors are identified and corrected.