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Company Background

Originally formed in 1989, STC Energy are a specialist consultancy that provide a complete range of energy services and high quality M&T software to help organisations manage their utilities more effectively.

The company’s initial contracts provided specialist energy advice and support, predominantly to central government departments, following the demise of the government’s Property Services Agency.

Using this experience, STC developed a range of energy bureau services and energy management software products suitable for the monitoring and management of energy for large estates.

Throughout the 1990s, STC worked closely with a number of large organisations to develop a comprehensive range of energy management services, taking account of and overcoming the difficulties caused by the deregulation of the gas and electricity supply industries.

In the 2000s, STC expanded their offerings and continued to enhance their services, focusing in particular on increasing drives to monitor and target reductions in energy usage and carbon production, in combination with ever more complex regulatory requirements.

STC is now organised into six main departments providing: Energy Bureau Services, Utility Procurement, Software Development and Support, Carbon Compliance Services, Site Works and Metering, and general energy management consultancy.